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Your 24x7 Business Phone
I would like to share "How organizations can manage their business calls effectively".
With Virtual Plug N Play Call Center, you get a personal mobile/telephone number where your customers can call 24x7. Your customers will listen to a Welcome message about your company and then press 1, 2 etc. to connect to the concerned person in your company anywhere in the world.
Some benefits of our products:
Maximize your returns: Get maximum returns of your Advertisements by distributing your resources properly Intelligent System: Get a different Number for different advertisements, Analyse return on Investment Never Busy Tone: With Multiple Executive available on a single number, Answering multiple customers is always a call away Incoming calls are forwarded to your mobile or land line numbers If one number is busy, the next Programmed number is called. Track all the numbers who called you – So you never lose a business lead Ability to set your work hours – after work Hours your customers are sent to Voice Mail. Detailed call logs with date, time of call, caller id, duration of call and forwarded number.
2 min setup, no hardware required, save up to 70% 1000 's of our customers are already taking advantage of this product and have been able to Improve their business.


Everything You Ever Wanted In a Business Phone

Virtual Plug N Play Call Center offers a host of features that make call-handling a breeze. Your callers are greeted with a customized professional Message, followed by a menu of options to pick from.