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E-Publishing (PDF to DOC)

This job requires typing skills & ability to read English correctly. We provide you scanned image for work & you have to type the content of those image files into MS WORD. WORK will be given either online else by CD. Submission of the work will be also done either online or by CD as per instruction given by the company. You must submit the work according to 

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Nature of Project

  • PDF to Ms Word Manual Typing.
  • PDF file is scanned images of Printed text books no hand written.
  • Separate typing work instruction given, the clients strictly follow that.
  • User can work only one computer and cannot split the work.
  • One time re-work clause is applicable throughout the contract duration i.e. 11 months. `
  • One Slot 30 days x 11 months.
  • Per Page wise payment.
  • 550 to 750 pages per seat per month
  • Work dispatch through online or by CD.
  • Work Submission through email attachment.

the due date given on time of starting the work. Your work will then be subjected to stringent quality and will be approved only if you produce the minimum accuracy. Your result of accuracy regarding the job work will be sent through your email or will be shown online

                                     Accuracy Meter

Note- The following are the rates as per decrease in accuracy per file of PDF/JPEG pages over the Instruction
Accuracy Meter

Accuracy Meter Rate Per Page (INR)
98.1%-100% 65/-
97.01%-98% 50/-
95.1%-97% 35/-
90.1%-95% 15/-
85%-90% 9/-
65%-84.9% Rework then payment
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Sample Files

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Sample Filese Publishing PDF to DOC.pdf