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Premium Rate Numbers

International Premium Rate Numbers – Payment Solutions

We provide new customers with premium numbers, delivered to any destination via VOIP or PSTN numbers and where necessary provide fast, customised IVR applications. We provide clients with online, real time statistics and our staff are online daily reachable via skype or telephone.

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International Telecoms take pride in the client supplier relationship and we have gained substantial praise for paying clients on time with the best possible rates. Our payment cycles are typically weekly to 45 days, end of month, 

depending on the premium rate numbers used., some numbers do pay daily.

Our long-term relationships with a range of international carriers and other telecom operators gives us an edge in the global premium rate number market, for more information please contact us.

Special Routes, White CLI´s and other deals.

Occasionallyour partner carriers inform us about special offers, such as aggressive priced 

white CLI routes, these offers are not advertised within our standard portfolio and cannot be dealt with via an online query, so if you have a particular request, we urge you  to contact us, with an indication of volume, traffic, desired rates, quality etc, and we will advise appropriately.

SMS, Audiotext, Satellite and special destinations.
We have high payouts on these, please contact us for more information.

We can give you the opportunity to earn an excellent income by servicing you with the most competitive premium rate numbers in the telecom industry. All our premium telephone numbers provide a payout for the owner of the numbers each time the numbers are called. These international payment solutions are reachable from all over the world and can be used for all kinds of services .

This payout is known as revenue sharing and can provide a substantial residual income.  All customers with Premium Numbers  earn their owners income month after month for as long as the numbers continue to be used.  Therefore, you can continue to earn an income month after month long after the initial deal.

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